Army to revive “General of the Army” rank

I guess it could work….

The Army announced last week that it is reinstating the General of the Army rank to oversee the transformation of the service into a smaller, more agile force.

During a press conference at the Pentagon, spokesman Douglas Marshall said that reinstatement of the rank was needed to prevent the eventual tug of war that was imminent.

“There are a lot of 4-star generals out there that are protective of their commands,” Marshall iterated. “We couldn’t put another 4-star in charge because he would just get steamrolled by other commands.”

Having a 5-star general in charge of the transformation will ensure that the Army is cut sufficiently in light of budget constraints. Understandably, not everyone is happy about the changes.

“From what I’ve heard, they’re bringing in a retired 4-star general to take the position,” noted LTC Matt Burgandy of the National Command Region. “That is going to have an effect on the upward movement of Army officers who have been dreaming of wearing a star themselves.”

Indeed, by bringing in a retired general, there won’t be a backfill. The cascading effect will mean one officer out there won’t get promoted sooner.

Some of the individuals being considered for this post are not surprising: David Petraeus, Tommy Franks, and George W. Bush. The Pentagon will announce the candidate at a special press conference tomorrow morning.

6 thoughts on “Army to revive “General of the Army” rank”

    1. Same here. It sounded like something they’d actually do … right up until that point.

  1. thought the GW Bush was a typo, lol, got me. No i feel like a jack ass, started the conversation about this in the TOC with all the bosses, lol.

  2. The premise of the core of the ‘joke’ is the part that isn’t too far-fetched. I think there is some merit to assuming there will be a ‘tug-of-war’ among four-star generals. However, if it were true, here would be my ‘official’ comment…all jokes aside:

    Although he would be the absolute best choice for this post, I don’t think David Petraeus would take it, as he is happy performing the duties of his dream job, head of the CIA. I don’t think George W. Bush is a good choice because he is not an active or retired senior military officier. So, of the list provided, Tommy Franks would be a good choice. Of the current Army officers that could be considered, I think General Raymond T. “Ray” Odierno would be the BEST choice.

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