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I read this on facebook and it hit home. I am in no way playing down the roles of other MOS’s in the military but there is just something special about those who volunteer for Infantry. I have a special place in my heart for my 11bravos… Take Luck Sons.

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  1. A magnificent post over on her website.

    To those who know, those who spend a lot of time with the infantry, there is an awe and respect that never will diminish. They did the dirty work, hooking and jabbing with the enemy. God bless them for it.

    And to Marines, the grunt is the focus of all effort, always. All of our cannon tubes, our airplanes, our RO/RO shipping, our logistics efforts, are to support the infantryman in contact, where he is to “locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver, or to repel his assault by fire and close combat”. More than 29 years since I heard those words, and they still ring in my ears.

    Which is why the Marines revere their infantry. And why we win when the fight starts. And don’t settle for gimmicks and JFACCs whose priorities for our fires are not with the ground pounders.

    Right now, our Marine Commandant is an aviator. Not good. Due respect to General Amos, but that appointment was a serious break with an extremely important tradition. The Commandant should be an Infantry Officer, 0302. Not merely ground combat arms, artillery or armor, or tracks. But an INFANTRY OFFICER. My guess is that the Obama Administration didn’t know why, or didn’t care why. But we do. The infantry is the heart of our Marine Corps.

    Next pub trip, I will be sure to hoist one to the Queen of Battle.

    “When first under fire an’ wishful to duck,
    Don’t look nor pay heed at the man who is struck,
    Be thankful yer livin’ an’ trust to your luck,
    An’ march to your front like a soldier!”

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