Armed Drones at War

It’s not exactly a new idea. I found this video over at DefenseTech.  Not a lot of background on the program, but my guess is it was an attempt to improve Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses capabilities.  Why do I say that? Because most of the targets are mock-ups of fire control radars.


By the way, the article the BQM-34 is firing Mavericks and Shrikes. Do my eyes deceive me? I didn’t see a single Shrike (though, I watched this about 2am…). I saw several Mavericks, early Paveway Laser Guided Bombs, a rocket boosted LGB similar to an AGM-123 Skipper II, and what looked like a short fat version of a GBU-8 HOBOS.  What does my sharp eye observers corps see?