15 thoughts on “A few pics from Lex’s services”

  1. The coin is a VERY nice and appropriate gesture on the part of ATAC. Thanks for the pics… most appreciated.

    1. FTR, that’s an example of the coin, given to Lex’s neighbor. I don’t have one.

      ATAC provided the coins to Mary to distribute.

  2. From one who could not be there to say a last good bye to a friend I’ve never met, thank you, Art.

  3. Thanks for the photos. While I wish I could have been there physically, I did take a few moments at the appropriate time and commune briefly with God regarding the events of this month. Prayers for the LeFon family were offered and that Lex had a safe trip Home. Sigh…

  4. I’m pleased and happy to have found this site and will visit daily to replace the 10-years (more or less) of daily reading of Lex’s offerings. I’ll try to contribute, too.

  5. Art:

    As I have said other places today, I’m sorry to have had the opportunity, but I am happy to have made your acquaintance. Thanks for the pictures. I’m sorry Mary miss you in gifting the coins, I’m sure she meant to.

    1. No, there were many others far more deserving than I.

      But I’m glad I had the chance to meet you, and sorry circumstances didn’t give us more time for more than a quick chat.

  6. I’m not sure that I agree with you that there were others more deserving than you.

    If you find yourself headed to Portland, OR, give me the word and I’ll buy you a beverage of your choice.


  7. xbradtc:

    Can/will you identify the people in the photo you took at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery? I know the man on the left end and I met some of the others, but not all.

    Thanks, Paul

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