The Lexicans

So, almost immediately after his passing, a Facebook community of followers of Neptunus Lex sprang up, to share their grief, and enjoy the fellowship they’d come to love interacting in the comments at his blog. But any number of folks are wary of Facebook, so the suggestion came in due time to form a group blog, a sort of “talk amongst yourselves” place.

Here it is.

3 thoughts on “The Lexicans”

    1. One of the FB’ers mentioned it, and while the others were discussing platforms, I just started it.

      Given the success I’ve had on other group blogs on WP, it seemed an easy approach. We’ll build it as we sail it.

    2. Sounds good from my OP. I’m glad you started it as I was not going to join Facebook. I know some will join and give false info in joining, but I revolt at telling lies like that.

      If you hadn’t started it they would still be talking about it. I also think WordPress is probably the best platform.

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