A Day of Rest

Sorry for not really posting today. I don’t normally take Sunday as a day of rest, since blogging doesn’t normally strike me as work. But today, it was cold and rainy, and a good day to just sit by the fire.

And the important thing is, tomorrow’s Load HEAT is already scheduled.

8 thoughts on “A Day of Rest”

  1. The best thing you can do for this blog is to learn the best thing you can do is have a “A Day of Rest”. You can have an idea in your mind that is not quite mature enough to write about. But during “A Day of Rest”, the idea can mature or even morph into a completely different concept. I mean like a180° turn. You are not the only one who benefits from that choice.

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely enjoy your writing. I have read your blog for quite a few years and then started to comment. Sometimes, I was serious and sometimes it appeared that my only purpose was to “Ag” (Aggravate, playfully) Aggie. For many years, I have done writing on one level or another. I used the handle, “Grumpy” and everybody says, “You’re not grumpy.” I simply reply, “Do you want me to be grumpy? It would be really no problem at all.” I figure, if I can get a smile, giggle or even a laugh, on Aggie’s face, then I have won. By the way, THANK YOU, for your service to this Great Nation in the Military, but also to the Military Veterans, through this blog.

  2. Brad, if you think about it, a post is like your body. When you take that day of rest, it does not mean, you are doing nothing. You are actually taking that post and rewriting it, plus a liberal dose of editing. But remember, as I said, a post is like your body, some places can be adjusted and other places, this just does not work. You were born, “ factory–adjusted” and neither need, nor want adjustment. But if you don’t write the story it is a type of constipation and you need to get it out. Therefore, I have no concerns about your laziness, as you say it. I just don’t believe it.

    1. While I don’t particularly care to discuss my constipation, I’ll just say this. I often sit down to write a post, get a few words down, then go pace, smoke, have a cup of coffee, and have an internal dialog with myself, trying out phrases and themes. It’s amazing how often a post that I had in mind is completely changed by this formless noodling.

      I had always been taught in school to form an outline, research, rough draft, and final draft. But that’s not how blogging generally works. Everything is a first draft. Eh… better mediocre content now than perfect content never!

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