Chores Day

I guess you Navy/Marine types would call it a field day. Me, I’m just busy. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll be around later this afternoon, so don’t trash the place!

10 thoughts on “Chores Day”

    1. I already broke the lock, QM. I’ll share, if you’re so inclined … it’s Bourbon & Coke today!

    2. Waddya expect from a Nuke Rusty? Fair play? I’m of the opinion that Nukes should be offered a nice room with soft wall paper, a wide screen TV with endless Tom and Jerry, and all the Scotch they care to drink just so the rest of the world can be kept safe from their loony ways.

      I think the problem is caused by all the Neutrinos they absorb.

  1. I’ve got some of that as well, but it’s too nice outside today for Guinness. I tend to reserve that for days when it’s stormy or otherwise miserable outside.

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