8 thoughts on “Information Dissemination: How in God’s Name Do the Marines Do This?”

  1. When we were attached to a Marine regimental combat team, I tried to get the publics affairs officer to allocate any media to my squadron. He stonewalled me and my boss for about eight months before he admitted that the RCT’s ops officer had told him not to give us (I.e. the army) any coverage.

    1. I’ve had young Marines explicitly deny any Army involvement in the Battle of Okinawa. They just didn’t know, couldn’t believe the Army had been there.

  2. I’m not much impressed. The Marines are an excellent fighting organization, but they are pretty overblown from a PR stand point.

    I’ve known people that thought the Pacific war was fought solely by the Navy and Marines. They find it hard to believe the Army killed Yamamoto and that the Army actually staged more amphib ops than the marines (not to mention the largest at Normandy), and that the 8th AF took more casualties than any unit in WW2, including the Marines.

    The video is OK as far as music videos go. As for the Marine part, meh.

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