The Duffel Blog Army 2NDLT Leads Platoon 5KM Without Getting Lost, Awarded Medal

Vicenza, Italy – Army Platoon Leader Second Lieutenant Michael Bailey was recently awarded an Army Commendation Medal, with enthusiastic approval from his commanders. The new Lieutenant, recently graduated from West Point, arrived this month in Italy and was assigned to 3rd Platoon, Battle Company, 173rd (Airborne).

via The Duffel Blog Army 2NDLT Leads Platoon 5KM Without Getting Lost, Awarded Medal.


We give out ARCOMS for a lot, but not for this.

11 thoughts on “The Duffel Blog Army 2NDLT Leads Platoon 5KM Without Getting Lost, Awarded Medal”

  1. This has GOT to be a piece of dark satire! The only thing that makes me question if it’s NOT is that (as BrewFan points out) the LT is a ringbanger.

  2. LT Rusty assumes I read the article instead of just this stupid post. He would be wrong. As an experienced soldier I had no reason to go any further as the quote is totally believable and sometimes things are too good to check anyways.

  3. Even if this was real, the appropriate people to complain about would be the company, battalion and brigade commander who recommended and approved it, not the “ticket punching” LT. I am constantly surprised at how much this allegedly goes on in the army and am curious what constitutes it. It has been my observation that the best generally advance and the mediocre fall into obscurity while those that attempt to self-select (ie ticket punch) are generally filtered out. So I ask, is it a bad thing when good quality people attempt to get into the jobs they need to have to gain the nescessary experience they need to advance? would we prefer that we select future commanders by some other system such as a lottery? I think demonstrated potential is better While I believe that ticket punching was a problem in times past, I am of the opinion that it no longer is. I am curious what people consider to be instances of ticket punching.

    1. Esli –

      It seems that, perhaps, someone wishes that there -was- a lottery for advancement, instead of something so antiquated as a requirement for demonstrated ability and potential. His odds might improve.

  4. Esli, given the low quality among the stars, I would have to say ticket punching is alive and well. A decent man stands little chance of making it past O-6.

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