Joe Biden On Bin Laden Raid: “You Can Go Back 500 Years. You Cannot Find A More Audacious Plan”

In Sheriff Joe’s defense, he is an idiot.

“You can go back 500 years. You cannot find a more audacious plan. Never knowing for certain. We never had more than a 48 percent probability that he was there.”

via Joe Biden On Bin Laden Raid: “You Can Go Back 500 Years. You Cannot Find A More Audacious Plan”.


I’m…. speechless.

14 thoughts on “Joe Biden On Bin Laden Raid: “You Can Go Back 500 Years. You Cannot Find A More Audacious Plan””

  1. Yeah, sorry Pluggy Joe, I think I’d give it to Overlord instead.

    But like you said, the man is an idiot.

  2. I wouldn’t consider Overlord to be a raid but how about: the Doolittle Raid, the at Cabanatuan, Son Tay, the dam busters, Entebbe, Osirak, and the raid on the reactor in Syria?

    In the Bin Laden raid, as bold as it was, there was a small force using equipment far superior to anything the opposition possessed (which almost insured total surprise) striking at an unprotected target with little or no possibility of military defense. In the Doolittle Raid we have a slightly larger force trying to use equipment that had to be stripped down defenseless, launching after detection, flying for several hours after detection, with an uncertain destination after the bombing? Probably the most audacious raid ever, at least that I know of.

    1. I myself think the Operation Eagle Claw raid was a heck of a lot more audacious, and damn sight more complex, than the Bin Laden raid.

    2. Agreed! The folks from the “mythical cover story SEAL Team 6” going on the UBL raid weren’t going on a known near-suicide mission like Doolittle’s Raiders. Although there was certainly a lot of personal risk for the operators on Geronimo, they also had total overmatch against their target.

  3. There are a number of other ops that were bolder, and with far greater risk than getting Osama.

    Sad when the best defense you can give a man is to tell people he’s stark raving mad.

  4. I submit that the qualifier “most audacious” is somewhat subjective. You talk to any solider, sailor, airman, or marine and they will talk about “their” raid – be that putting some 5.56 hole in a very bad person on the far side of the world… or just sneaking one more plate at the Golden Corral buffet line.

    I also submit that the qualifier “most audacious” is even more subjective if you are an administration looking for any possible high points from an otherwise indecisive and lackluster term of office.

  5. And, yes, both Eagle Claw and Entebbe were far more audacious, because the lives of hostages were at stake.

    And in Son Tay, they had to penetrate one of the most heavily-defended airspaces in the world just to get to the objective, where they proceeded to kill several HUNDRED enemy soldiers, including Soviet and Chinese advisors.

    All due respect to the SEALs, job well done, but shooting an unarmed man in his bedroom on the soil of an allied nation ain’t quite the same thing as Son Tay.

  6. “We did this raid once on an ARTEP…” Nope, I am going with Son Tay amongst a whole lot of good options.

    1. Son Tay and Entebbe get my vote. Each has its aspects that stand out to me. Entebbe because of the hostages and the delicacy of the op because of them. Really upped the risk factor for the troops. Son Tay because of the AD risks. Not as delicate since they were going after troops who would know what to do when the lead started flying, but the risk to the troops were still higher because of the AD risk. pretty much a draw for me.

      The attempt to rescue the hostages in Iran would draw a vote from me, except for the Marines flying the CH-53s screwed the pooch. The Marine flyers I knew just shook their heads and had little more than criticism for them. A couple actually said they would have been better of getting them from the Air Force instead. I deeply respected Beckwith when he said it was his fault and took the fall for it, even though it wasn’t.

  7. Deciding to launch a raid to get UBL after 11 years of hunting him down was about as audacious as going to McDonalds and ordering fast food – I mean, why the hell else would you go to McDonalds?

    What would have been audacious would have been to have a press conference and announce “we had about a 50/50 chance of getting UBL but decided not to launch because it was too risky to 2 helicopters and a dozen or so troops”.

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