DoD Buzz | The C-27 truth vacuum

“The Air Force had established a requirement, validated by the Joint Requirements Oversight Council, for 38 C-27 aircraft to provide direct support to Army ground forces,” Levin said. “Again, all were going to the Guard. No one forced the Air Force to join what was a joint program with the Army, and then take sole ownership of it. No one forced the Air Force to testify that they needed to pursue the C-27 because the C-130 could not meet requirements when the committee questioned why the Air Force couldn’t rely on the C-130 fleet and instead had to start the C-27 program. Now the Air Force says that the C-130 is perfectly fine for meeting the direct support mission.”

via DoD Buzz | The C-27 truth vacuum.

It’s about time someone called the Air Force on the crap they’re pulling.

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  1. Aggie, what are you drinking with that popcorn? It had better be as strong as the stuff, some of these people are smoking! I can’t believe the logic processing of some of these people in what some people call, leadership, or lack thereof. The only “vacuum” we have in this situation is between their ears.

  2. The more I see about the AF, the more I agree with Jerry Pournelle that the AF has no further right to a separate existence. Separate the strategic parts, and turn the TacAir stuff back under the Army.

    I question the need for contract maintenance, and the flight hour cost figure. Just in direct cost alone the C-130 will be about twice as expensive to fly as the Hercs (two more much larger engines, for example).

    The Army needs the Spartans. Give them to them, and get the Air Farce out of the way.

  3. “He and other top Air Force leaders say they can get supplies to troops downrange with precision air drops from C-130s,…”

    Yeah, they are “precision” in that they hit Earth 100% of the time.

    Never should have let the bastards have our Caribous.

  4. One of the underlying reasons for C-27J implementation in the Army is that with the C-23 Sherpa (there’s another AF “hosing over”), there was more ease of usage than C-130’s. I Love the Herc’s as much as the next Paratrooper/Parachute Rigger and it’s operational and maintenance costs far exceed the C-27J. Let the AF have the “big ones” and the Army (mostly Guard), deal with the rest. Air Force “hosing” chapter 3…C-7 Cairbou, C-23 Sherpa, now the C-27J. Am I detecting a pattern??

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