6 thoughts on “How’s that new PT uniform workin’ out?”

  1. Bad as it may be, it is still much better than the old PT uniform with one-size fits none sizing, spongelike ability to absorb water and stretch out, and then look perpetually dirty regardless of washing. AKO just did a survey on what we think are the problems with the IPFU. My main issue is the shirts are literally abrasive. Plenty of good materials available out there now.

  2. At least you have PT uniforms. We didn’t back in ’76. Just white shorts and a white T-shirt. We may have had a better deal, though.

  3. XbradTC,

    Don’t forget the yellow track suits! I recall a division runat FT Stewart in January 1986…it looked like the attack of the Banana Men!

    Prior to that it was run in fatigues and boots then running shoes.

    I actually was glad when we went to the gray sweats….it was what I was used to running in all through high school and college.

    But I agree….with the textiles available today the Army should be able to have a decent PT outfit.

    1. Oh, but I DID forget the banana suit. Cuz I never saw them. Back in Basic, we custom ordered grey sweat suits with company/battalion logos, and in Hawaii, they just issued us the shorts. No need for anything warmer.

  4. “PT uniforms? We don’t need no stinkin’ PT uniforms.” We ran in fatigues and boots. If it was warm enough and we were lucky, we might get to take off the jacket and go with our white or OD t shirt. When I got to Ft. Ord I was issued a unit sweatshirt to wear during PT. I thought that was really something.

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