A nice article on Neptunus Lex

We harsh on the media when they get it wrong, so it behooves us to reward them when they get it right.

Go, read this whole article at the Lahontan Valley News (of Fallon, NV). The author, Steve Ranson, has done a good job following this story, and its impact on the blogosphere. Reward him with traffic.

Full disclosure, I’m quoted extensively. But that’s not why I’m sending you there.

Also at Lahontan Valley News is a letter from our Padre Harvey, which is similar to his blog post about Neptunus Lex.

5 thoughts on “A nice article on Neptunus Lex”

  1. The term “Renaissance Man” is a cliche bandied about carelessly all too often about many, but so very, very true about Lex: In this modern age of specialization. If the term “Renaissance Man” can be attributed to anybody it can be to Lex–a man who really, really did fit that description. He is missed–and long will be..

  2. Padre, This was a well written letter, but more importantly, it was true. If “Lex” were sitting here and listened to it, how do we think he would have reacted? I believe he would have changed the subject. “Lex” knew the tremendous power of the written word and used it.

    Virgil, you are so right, but your last sentence is right on the mark. Thank you!

  3. Indeed, he will be very much missed.

    VX, this is QM. Somehow I acquired a WordPress profile without registering. I used OHEngineer over at Gravitar because someone else had Quartermaster. I’m guessing WordPress acquired Gravitar, or always had it, and got the info from there. Still the same furry yapper, but irritated I’m not QM on WordPress. Still am everywhere else, though.

  4. Thank you for the link, Brad, that was a nice article, and a nice letter, Padre.

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