Sailing to North Korea

So, one of my minions sent this along. Foss International has dispatched an integrated tug/barge vessel to the North Korean port of Nampo, which serves Pyongyang.

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It’s a little unclear whether this voyage contained supplies for the recovery of US remains, or if that was a previous voyage. But supplying the Norks with aid is a part of the “Food for Nukes” program. Which, if it worked, I wouldn’t mind. I just have a suspicion the Norks will renege on that deal like all others.

For a peek into the paranoia of the North Korean regime, notice that all cell phones, cameras, and even binoculars had to be secured, and the vessel’s satnav disabled. That’s some weapons grade crazy there.

A lot of people don’t realize that the US has been dispatching teams of servicemembers to North Korea off and on for years in an effort to recover the remains of missing US servicemembers from the Korean War. It’s actually one of the few areas where the North hasn’t been consistently obnoxious. Often, sure, but not always. And it is a reminder that the US remains committed to its soldiers.