When you hear the term “microburst” in relation to weather, this is what they mean:

While the mass of air is flowing downward, when it hits the ground, it flows outward. An airplane the enters that wall of moving air sees a sudden increase in indicated airspeed. The natural reaction is to reduce power to maintain airspeed. The problem is, as soon as they transit the other side, the experience a massive drop in apparent airspeed, and often have too little time and altitude to regain airspeed. Coupled with the downward vector of the burst itself, it can quickly lead to the loss of the aircraft.

Note, this isn’t in reference to any particular incident. I just really liked the picture.

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    1. they do, don’t they?

      I have to wonder if that isn’t a result of the needed topography for an airport, and or local heating due to all the concrete.

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