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The other reason to visit Cambodia was to see the killing fields. During their five years in power, the Khmer Rouge killed somewhere between 1 and 2 million people, out of a population that had stood around 10 million. This didn’t come to light until after the Vietnamese army invaded Cambodia and drove the Khmer Rouge out of Phnom Penh. Pictures of piles of bodies and bones, reminiscent of Auschwitz, began to appear in the world press. Since then, many details have emerged about the Khmer Rouge’s killing spree. Everyone refers to this as the Cambodian genocide.

via Reflections on Cambodia – Douglas B. Levene – National Review Online.

Here is the core truth of  Leftism:

Every mass-murdering society begins as a quest for a utopian society.

Every quest for a utopian society devolves to mass killings if allowed to continue.

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  1. Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge were the darlings of the anti-war American far left and of academia and the media.

    Reports of mass murder in the fields of Cambodia, which would discredit Pot’s forced equality experiment, were dismissed often as “propaganda” of the old anti-communist Right Wing, and therefore nor worthy of investigation or belief.

    When the far left today scream of Rwanda, the echo comes back many times over from Cambodia. Not only did they do nothing, but they denied and denied until, of all people, the Vietnamese exposed the extent of the slaughter.

    From each according to their capabilities, to each according to their needs.

  2. “Rather, what happened in Cambodia is what happened in the French Revolution, and in Stalin’s purges and mass collectivization campaigns, and in Mao’s Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, only on a proportionately larger scale.”

    And we could mention Saddam’s Iraq there too. The Ba’ath Party was, in its origin, focused on that Utopian socialist solution. But in the case of Iraq, the perpetrators were eventually brought to justice… one way or another.

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