5 thoughts on “Old School Dose of ‘splodey”

  1. If I were a Wehrmacht soldier and I heard a section of those Pratt & Whitney radials rumbling low overhead, I think I would have peed myself.

  2. XBrad/

    Nice composite vid those guys made, I recognized several clip segments from other film/vid histories. My cousin Lt Gen. Carlos M. Talbott flew P-47s with the 397th Fighter Squadron, 368th Fighter Group,

    (Small world cat: When I graduated from LSU in ’66 I was introduced to the mother of a good female friend of mine (who married one of my best friends) who was up from Lake Arthur, La. for grad. ceremonies. When informed by her daughter that I was entering into USAF plt training she mentioned in passing conversation that her husband had been KIA in WWII flying P-47s. I replied that my cousin (than an O-6) had also flown P-47s also. When I mentioned his name she was taken aback, as her husband and Gen. Talbot had taken plt tng together in Lake Charles, La., where she met & married her husband and that they were all best friends!)

    You just never know..

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