9 thoughts on “OK, which of my commenters is this? Fess up!”

  1. I don’t drink often, but I have one solid rule – I never drink any beverage that a) glows or b) is in the process of self-immolating.

  2. “All commenters missing eyebrows and nostril hairs, fall in on the quarterdeck at 0800!”

  3. I have never seen the flaming shot go wrong, but I have seen a guy at a high school football game try to light one of his farts and light his jeans on fire in the process. Someone had to kick him in the balls repeatedly to put it out.

  4. Just about the funnies thing I ever saw was when I was still a kid in high school. We were hanging around my friend next doors house, it was spring, nice weather and all of us were wearing shorts. Drew had to fart somethign fierce so he decided to grab Bruce’s fathers lighter and stick it between his legs. WHOOMF! Drew screamed (of course he screamed, every important tender part of his body was on fire!) and proceeded to put the fire out…with his hand: SLAP! Right onto the family jewels…or at this point, medium rare jewels. He then proceeded to pitch over, puke, and put the fire out. Bruce and I laughed like loons. For the rest of our high school years we called Drew, “Hot Nuts” 🙂

  5. Dude’s mistake (other than doing it at all) is “the pour”. You cover the shot glass with your mouth (dousing the flames). It’s still stupid as hell, but at least he didn’t make the most common mistake (letting it burn for a while, making the liquid hot enough to scald).

  6. While in Germany in early 1980s I served in 1/26 INF, known as the Blue Spaders. The regimental drink was a flaming shot of Drambuie. To consume it was lit, you held it in front of your face, said a special incantion then slammed it down. You usually ended up consuming many of these during the induction into the Mess ceremony (1st Dining In as an assigned officer). Saw many a mishap, which is why there was always 1 sober guy on duty with a wet hand towel to serve as fireman.

    When we had the Allies over (a mix of Canadians, Brits, Germans and French for us) we usually were able to see a spectacular display of destroyed mustaches.

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