Bradley Gunnery

Some things never change. The Army is still doing gunnery at the National Training Center.

Frequent reader and occasional commenter M1A1TrkTrror  was kind enough to share his flickr collection of gunnery photos from January with me, and by extension, you.

The bolt and bolt carrier assembly for an M242. If you've ever wondered why it's called a Chain Gun, well, there's the chain. His hand is on the actual bolt. The chain is powered by a 1/2 horsepower motor, and a cam on the chain rotates and reciprocates the bolt. Additionally, a worm gear powered the dual ammo feeder.
Receiver for M242. The Bolt carrier assembly drops into the open box area there.

The rest of his slideshow can be seen here. It’s not all fiddly bits. There’s some nice shots showing why California is called the Golden State.

5 thoughts on “Bradley Gunnery”

  1. Wonder if they still fill an ammo can with diesel from the engine drain to clean the GMD off the bolt and bolt carrier or if they have something better now?

  2. I remember working on those at armorer school back in 1990. I think they called it the M242 because it had 242 parts! That thing was a beast! Coolest part was the knobs where you could alternate b/w HE and AP! Sweet!

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