8 thoughts on “Yup…”

  1. Officer – Hello, sir…yeah, hi. Uh, we’re a bit lost. We’re looking for a terrorist by the name ‘Bad-Ass Shawn?

    Afghani National – Badakhshān (بدخشان)?

    Officer – Uh, yeah….there…Can you help us?

    Afghani National – I can tell you where to go, but you won’t like it…and, it wouldn’t be to Badakhshān!!!!

  2. Good grief! Is that a dog house on top of the gunner’s station? This looks more like moving day… hey didn’t you just make a move?

    1. Helped my sister move. Which was much worse. I can make a PCS with two duffel bags and a CVC bag. She, on the other hand, makes an Armored Division loadout look like a walk in the park.

  3. I successfully navigated Baghdad, Fallujah, and Arab Jabour without much more than a momentary “where are we?” until my last trip off the COP when instead of flying back, I caught a ride with some folks coming my direction. I though that they had been there before and fell asleep in the back. When they woke me up, I had no idea where they were, and neither did they. The only BFT was a couple trucks away, and it took me a while to figure myself out and then talk the convoy commander on. Not saying I havent ever been LLMF in the desert late at night with zero illum at NTC though!

    1. Yes; I’ll admit it. Strangely, though, I have to say that most times I have been lost, I was following infantrymen….

  4. Jerry Pournelle, who was a cannon cocker in the Korean war said “the most dangerous man in the wold is a 2nd LT. with a map.” He said he knew from personal experience since he were one of those.

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