Vas is das?

I’ve seen a lot of oddball things living in Southern California. For instance, just this morning, there’s a tactical logistical vehicle parked outside. Looks like it’s Swiss. Anybody got a more in depth nomenclature?


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  1. ask Ron P. he’s a specialist on the black helicopters etc.
    They’re coming to take you away haha.

    1. I do believe you are correct!

      Wiki notes that first gen Pinzgauer trucks are popular for import to the US.

      It’s certainly an eye-catching ride. And I bet it drives the local Pious drivers insane!

  2. It looks like a Unimog variant to me; pretty “tuff” profile. My son would probably enjoy a Tonka version 🙂

    My Regards

  3. When we went zip-lining in Branson, MO awhile back, the company used one of these to get the patrons up the hillside. Pretty nice but typically cramped like Euro utility vehicles. I wouldn’t want to load a team of US dismounts and their gear in back.

    1. Sadly, I don’t have NEAR the goodies collection John does. I really didn’t know what it was, and rather than spend 5 minutes looking it up, I spent 2 minutes asking my wonderful readers. I knew for a certainty I’d get the answer. I just didn’t expect it to be Aggie right out of the gate.

  4. And that’s just the 712M variation. Four cylinder air-cooled engine, 5-speed manual transmission, locking differentials on all three axles, and a fully enclosed drivetrain. There’s also ambulance and hardtop variations of this and there is a smaller two-axle sibling. Available through a number of outfitters in the US. Very capable, 1.5ton capacity.
    And for something completely different, here’s a US Military surplus variant, with a diesel engine and no body covering. Anyone want to hazard a guess where it came from. I have an idea, but have been sworn to secrecy by a family member…:

  5. There is one of those in Quartzsite, AZ. A ride out into the desert in it is a real kick!! That thing can go almost anywhere is wants to. It is indeed a Pinzgauer Swiss Army Vehicle. 1960’s time frame I think.

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