I get that a lot…

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True story, bro- Whenever I was in a bad mood and someone asked me if I ever killed anyone, my stock answer was, “I’m about to.”

4 thoughts on “I get that a lot…”

    1. Tell em, “It’s easy. Have high standards, and date a man who meets them. The military has lots of em.” Though given myself and some of the other buddies I had, I can forgive you leaving off that last part. 😉

  1. I was in at the end of the Vietnam war. The Eyetalians treated us like ATMs. The hippies back in the states, however, called me a baby killer when they saw me in Dress Blues on the street when I was downtown on Ship’s business. Closest I ever got to ‘nam was in the Med between Crete and Egypt. Not even close to combat.

    I know what you mean by your stock reply. Felt it a time or ten myself.

  2. When people ask if I’ve ever killed someone, I smile and reply, “I’m a chaplain – I don’t even get to carry a weapon.” Then I pause a bit and add, “So that usually limits me to only 2 or 3 kills…”

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