Beatings will continue until morale improves…

The Navy Department plans to implement fleet-wide Breathalyzer tests for sailors and Marines; crack down on smoking and drinking; and soon phase in many other major personnel policy changes, its top leaders announced Monday.

The broad collection of new policies, dubbed “21st Century Sailor and Marine,” reflected many longstanding issues or goals for the department, bundled together in an ambitious single push.

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3 thoughts on “Beatings will continue until morale improves…”

  1. This is clearly the age of iron ships and wooden men. That explains all the blockheads in the “leadership” positions.

  2. Anyone who thinks this gosa will improve retention is the one who needs a Breathalyzer.

    If I were still an LPO my response would be the familiar refrain “Stop helping!” Between the watchbill, work assignments, and a stout pair of lungs I have plenty of tools available to deal with someone coming in to work drunk. And .08? It’s a shutdown nuclear reactor, not a car. Reflexes aren’t needed, quite the contrary.

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