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I haven’t attempted to take 27 men to the South Pole, and, after having my ship become stuck in ice, somehow managed to get them all home alive like Mr. Shackleton. But I am part of a small group (.45% of the total American population) that consistently creates great men and demands that its members be constantly improving.

via 4 Basic Life Lessons from Basic Training | The Art of Manliness.

I might quibble with a thing or two, but I think everyone who has been through some form of Basic understands. And for those that haven’t, you’ve missed one of the more fun parts of life.

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  1. All four very well presented by one who certainly knows. We didn’t know what all of the reasons were for some of the things we had to endure, but throughout our military experience, it all came together. What seemed such a waste of time or energy, or unimportant, became some of the best lessons and tools necessary to be organized, successful and clean (mentally, physically, spiritually) in the military.

  2. My drill Sgt was a third-grade drop-out and a thug. This was at Ft. Campbell in 1967. He was a brain-dead asshole. That I survived his torture was a blessing due only to me. He was an asshole and fucked-up a number of fine young men. Unfortunately, most of them went on to die in SEATO. He could have given them better tools. He did not…
    I can never forgive him for that.

  3. As a tanker, I don’t believe in that first rule about only bringing what you can carry, wear or shoot. I bring it all, and in large quantities.

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