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Sox decided I’d slept enough for one day.  Stupid cat sleeps under the bed all day, then decides to run around like a maniac all night. And who needs an alarm clock when you can have a cat batting at you at 5:30? Anyone want a slightly beaten furball?


The drawdown in Army troop strength begins. The guidelines don’t look too onerous, but the fact that the goal is 68% retention is pretty surprising.  Brigade commanders are gonna deny reenlistment to a lot of NCOs who, without truly negative incidents on their records, just haven’t shined either.  The problem is, a lot of the guys you want to keep are going to “bright-size” as well, and leave.


I think Hawker Beechcraft may have cut off its own nose…. Sure, the program is relatively small, but given the current budget woes, and the recent events in Afghanistan, does anyone see a strong desire for US dollars to buy planes for the Afghans? As a commenter at another site asked, when an ANA pilot uses one to kill US troops, will we really care whether it was built in Kansas?


Will SGT Rafael Peralta’s Navy Cross be upgraded to the Medal of Honor?


At CDR Salamander’s, it’s Fullbore Friday.


US pays ransom demand.


Tech bleg- I like Chrome as a browser, but the Flash plug-in keeps hanging up, or crashing. Any ideas?


It’s Dr. Suess’s birthday.


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  1. Anyone surprised that Obama ponies up to Egypt’s blackmail?

    “We never pay anyone Dane-Geld
    No matter how trifling the cost,
    For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
    And the Nation that pays it is lost.”

    Rudyard knew what of he spoke.

    1. Technically, the NGOs paid the “bail” money, but they’re heavily subsidized, and further, our own government should have been able to coerce the Egyptians into immediately releasing those folks.

      But your point still stands, of course.

  2. Re: Chrome and flash.

    This is actually a pretty common problem. I can’t remember how to apply the fix off the top of my head, but it has something to do with two versions of Flash fighting over who gets to do what and in the end they just crash. You have to disable one or the other. It’s been a long-running bug, they’ll get it fixed and then it comes back a couple versions later. Google it, you’ll find plenty of info out there.

  3. xbradtc:

    “Sox decided I’d slept enough for one day. Stupid cat sleeps under the bed all day, then decides to run around like a maniac all night. And who needs an alarm clock when you can have a cat batting at you at 5:30? Anyone want a slightly beaten furball?”

    Thanks for the offer, although I see that someone has already taken you up on it. I have on offer two large, hungry dogs whose alarm clock goes off anywhere between 03.30 and 05.00 and they demand to be let outside.


  4. I use Chrome and flash hangs on me occasionally. No idea why. It’s no where near a constant thing, however. It’s been over a week since it’s happened with me.

    I seem to remember an Article on Dengler in Soldier of Fortune mag back in the early 80s. If it’s the same guy, he was a determined cuss. Back then you could get a an AS and go to the NavCad program to fly in the Navy. He lived in a VW microbus while going to college, something I can’t imagine doing. He certainly earned his wings of Gold.

    Roamy’s neck of the woods has been hit with twisters again. There was a twister that actually touched down on the NC side in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park this afternoon. Something of a rarity in the mountains. It was a nasty, ugly storm system that ripped through this afternoon. It looked bad around Huntsville and Athens, AL from news reports.

    1. Indeed it is. And if you’d clicked through to Aggie’s link, you’d see she’s celebrating it.

      Since my last visit to TX consisted of getting stuck at Bush Intercontinental overnight, and sleeping on the floor, I’m not quite as enthusiastic.

    2. I went through Bush Intercontinental back in November 2007. After only 5 hours I was more than ready to leave. I’ve come to hate airports.

  5. xbradtc:

    ” There’s LOTS of Texans that will be happy to tell you everything you know, over and over!”

    I always thought that the expression was …everything THEY know…


  6. Need another cat? No thanks, Wife and I already have two fur-covered alarm clocks. Damn unreliable, too.

    When kittens, they were named Stripes and Misty because of their coloration. Wife’s choice. I wanted to call them Coors and Coors Light. The Silver Bullets. I lost that argument.

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