Italians to the USAF-Thanks for nothing~!

You know, I didn’t even think of this. Not only has the USAF screwed over the Army with the decision to cancel the C-27J program, they really screwed over the Italian firm that builds the plane.

Now, before you chide that the US should be buying US made aircraft, ponder on this. Italy, and virtually every other nation in the West, have ALWAYS been pressured to buy American planes, to the point where the US government has subsidized the purchase price, in effect, crowding out European contractors. Right now, enormous pressure is being placed on Italy to buy the F-35 JSF. Is it too much for them to ask we treat them a little less shabbily? Are they our partners and allies, or are they our serfs?

And when Alenia first got into the JCA program, the idea was to buy almost 150 airplanes. With a purchase that large, Alenia and its (eventual) US partner had planned to open an assembly plant in the US. Guess what? Those US jobs aren’t gonna happen now. 

And if the USAF dumps these brand new planes on the international market, they’d effectively be in competition with the original manufacturer. Is there anyone the Air Force hasn’t managed to screw over here?

5 thoughts on “Italians to the USAF-Thanks for nothing~!”

  1. “….or are they our serfs?” I think the term you are searching for is this. They are now in that noble class called, “Screwees, not screwers.” Welcome to the Rest of the American People.

  2. QM, may I make a respectful suggestion? You never ever say anything like, “a loose screw” or “I’m coming unscrewed.” This is the one time in life, you’ll see them correct that oversight, quickly. You’ll be screwed good and tight.

  3. “Is there anyone the Air Force hasn’t managed to screw over here?”

    Yes, the Air Force.

    1. Au contraire, mon frere! Have you seen the Airman Battle Uniform?

      Plus, stopping the F-22 was monumental stupidity.

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