Daily Dose of Splodey

Not the best marksmanship I’ve ever seen, but then, that’s why there’s 1300 rounds in the magazine.


Via Weasel Zippers

5 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Splodey”

  1. It appears to be poor technique, but I don’t know the whole story. They aren’t shooting wiith the IHADS they are using the TADS.

    I hesitate to sharpsoot (pun intended) anyone if I wasn’t there, it’s easy to guess what happened or what is wrong but without talking to the crew there could be reasons why the gun is shooting that way.

  2. They are also shooting off axis and flying 90+ knots so that imparts a bit of error into the solution. With the aux fuel tank installed most AH-64s are only carring 200 rounds of 30mm.

  3. Sure it’s not a Bradley firing???? On a serious note, the guys at :51 crack me up, hiding behind the trees, just waiting for the next burst of HE.

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