Vanguard of Valor: Small Unit Actions in Afghanistan

From the Combat Studies Institute:

Vanguard of Valor: Small Unit Actions in Afghanistan. In 2010, General (Ret.) David Petraeus directed the Combat Studies Institute to research and write a collection of accounts that showed the face of battle in Afghanistan. These eight accounts focus on the US Army’s small units – the squads, platoons, and companies – that serve as the vanguard of the campaign in Afghanistan. In his foreword to “Vanguard of Valor”, General Petraeus explains that these stories provide a much-needed record of US Soldiers in close combat with the Taliban and other insurgent forces. He also notes that these accounts offer valuable lessons to lieutenants, sergeants, and other junior leaders that will lead their Soldiers in combat in the near future.

Some time back I mentioned the first histories about the Iraq surge from the Army’s historians.   I’ll say again that historians, working contemporary to the events, face challenges that later generations can look past.  Despite those (or perhaps in direct confrontation of!) the Army has a long tradition of publishing the “first drafts” of history.  XBrad’s been mentioning the World War II “Green Books” a lot lately, for instance.

At any rate, you can get a copy of Vanguard of Valor, along with other interesting topics, in PDF format for free… yes free…. on the Combat Studies Institute’s website.