Space roundup

I forget the exact quote, but rocketry is just plumbing with the sound turned way up.

This was the Masten Xombie rocket test in the Mojave desert, testing “the autonomous guidance, navigation, and control technology needed to fly planetary landing trajectories.” Love that sound.


Next item. This news article does not give me warm fuzzies. While problems do crop up on spacewalks, the reported communication problems sound pretty serious. Was it a problem with the Russian spacesuits or some relay? As for the shields that were supposed to be installed, the Russian hardware does have some space debris shielding, just not the same level as the American, European, and Japanese hardware. The Zvezda module was built to be part of the Mir-2 space station and repurposed for the International Space Station, so the shielding design dates from the 1980’s, if not earlier.

And last but not least, let’s hope for better weather for today’s Atlas V rocket launch from Cape Canaveral. The launch of a Navy communications satellite was scrubbed yesterday because of high winds.