DivThu, or Why the Navy is Boned

You can almost hear the echoes of screaming Staff Weenies still …. I love the “I’ve got all the answers but these 18 … ” and the “Hey, I know it is just after lunch on WED, but I need this by 1000 on MON. Have a great weekend!” … bluefalcon nature of this.

For you thinkers out there …. look at the “To” list (which BTW has a lot of duplicates…). Add up all those manhours just answering this tasker …. and then multiply that by all the other Chains of Command out there.

via CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday.

Go take a look at some of the info requirements included in the email CDR Salamander shares with us.

Equal opportunity is a great good. (Equal Opportunity, not so much).

Diversity, however, is the mirror of equal opportunity. It’s goal is not to permit people to excel, but rather to predetermine outcomes for certain demographics.

And the Navy is spending money on this. Real money. At a time when ships are struggling to maintain enough crew members to maintain and operate, the Navy is putting people in full time duty positions of promoting what can only be described as racial and gender quotas. It’s insanity.

My real question is, is it just the Navy? Is the Army similarly going down this path? I know there are some readers here that are at the Puzzle Palace. And I can understand why you might not want to comment openly here. But look at the contact tab and grab my email. Your anonymity is assured.

3 thoughts on “DivThu, or Why the Navy is Boned”

  1. In my opinion, no, the army is not nearly this far along. My personal oberservations are that we submitted a quarterly “QNSR” which I can’t recall what it stands for, that documents EO TNG and quantifies awards and disciplinary actions by race and gender. There has been a visible push to get more minority officers commissioned, as well as get more of them to go into combat arms, which are predominantly white, as opposed to logistics branches.

    1. Which will, of course, bring out the screams of “old rich white men are sending this nation’s minorities out to die!” Mark my words.

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