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  1. WTF! He can fight “City Hall” and win. There is nothing like the obvious, visible facts. Just do the blood test. There is a genetic difference between male and female. Only in extremely rare cases does the same genetic pattern for both sexes in the same individual, naturally.

    Aggie, being the leader, that you are, why don’t you go through the change first?

    1. Because I’m already a woman 😉

      I was only being facetious about the red tape the young man may have to unravel. No disrespect was meant to him, or anyone.

  2. Huh. There have been more than a few that were called “female” that I swore were male, but this one is a doozy.

  3. Awesome.

    I love it when there’s ridiculous fuckups in paperwork like this.

    Well, so long as they don’t affect me, anyway.

  4. LT Rusty,

    Are you sure that it couldn’t happen to you? Then, it becomes, not so, “Awesome”. My answer to the question is “Most Definitely, Yes!” Now, what do you do? The “Privacy Act of 1974 states, “The US Government *shall* not maintain an inaccurate that might have an adverse impact upon any benefit from any branch of the US Government.” Considering the fact that Military and Veterans are essentially one and they use an “Electronic Medical Record,” There are some real issues here. I’ve been there and done that, not easy, but it can be done. For me, it was not this same issue, but it took a long time to fix.

    1. Oh hell, QM – I’m still trying to convince DFAS that it needs to fix my W2 from 2002, with absolutely no success so far. I mean, since the W2 says that I was paid 25,000 more than my LES’s would indicate just means that obviously they paid me in some form that goes outside the LES system, and since obviously I must have received money – I mean, the W2 says I did, right? – then I must obviously be required to pay the taxes on it.

      So, yeah, I feel the guy’s pain.

    2. D’oh, you’re absolutely right QM, sorry!

      I’ve known too many QM’s, I guess, and they were all fairly grumpy.

  5. Ha ha, very funny comments. There are a couple of folks in the Navy with my exact name. And when I was deployed, I would receive random emails from Colonels asking if I wanted to grab lunch with them. I always offered to go, but made sure that they knew I was a different guy. . .

  6. My dad was gifted with the middle name Abraham at birth. When he enlisted in the Navy in 1952 a clerical error changed it Aberham. That’s how he’s spelled it ever since. Easier to go with the flow, he says. I suppose he would know, he was a PN.
    I will give props to the Iowa National Guard. They managed to spell it right during his 4 year enlistment before the Navy.

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