I saw this article on Manned-to-Unmanned Teaming this morning and thought it was worth sharing.

Boeing is taking many of the Army’s AH-64D Longbow Apaches and modifying them so much, packing them full of so many performance upgrades and new features, they are practically new, next-generation aircraft.

Among the new tools the Apache “Block III” gives Army crews is the ability to operate an unmanned aircraft and use its sensors and weapons at the same time they are flying their helicopter. That’s called Manned-to-Unmanned Teaming or MUM-T, and it’s been compared to putting a hunting dog out in front of the hunter – only in this case the dog can roam 10-to-15 kilometers away, has incredible eyes and can carry its own guns.

Nice work by the local university students, too.

3 thoughts on “MUM-T”

  1. My little brother is an Apache Pilot, he says many pilots, him included, are complaining that they are starting to get overwhelmed in the cockpit with the amount of BS they are putting in.

    1. Dear Snowstormscout,

      I’m a contributing writer for C4ISR Journal working on a story about manned-unmanned teaming, and I’ve heard that issue raised before. Is there any way you might be able to put me in contact with your brother, to talk off-the-record/not-for-attribution? I’d like to get an Apache pilot’s viewpoint on the issue.

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