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42 year old Felix Baumgartner is currently warming up for an attempt to step into the pages of history. (Note: this isn’t a particularly political story, but one that’s of great personal interest to me.) The Austrian daredevil plans to take a stab at one of the oldest standing records in what are now referred to as “extreme sports” by making a parachute jump from more than twenty miles up.

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I remember as a elementary school kid being fascinated by the story of COL Kittenger, who jumped from about 102,000 feet. Read the whole hot air story, and watch the video. If you’re afraid of heights…well, watch that first step!

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  1. COL Kittenger’s leap was one of my inspirational stories growing up.

    Stepping out the door at 20 miles up may be a tad too much exposure to the elements for me, even after mountain climbing and skydiving as an adult.

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