I’ve seen this poster, or variations on it, around the web a few times. I’m the only Navy brat I know that went 1st through 12th grade all in one school district.

Anyway, the thing that always catches my eye:

I miss jungle boots. Tightly bloused, the green canvas, the unique ways to tie the laces. Was there ever a better uniform than the summer weight BDU with the green jungle boot?

6 thoughts on “Boots”

  1. Yes, olive drab jungle fatigues are the best. With lots of starch. As for boots, I finally gave up my favorite pair of green jungle boots back in 1994 and went to the crappy black ones. The issue tan boots are horrific, and I became a fan of my Blackhawk boots, which got me through 30 miles of spur ride with no issues.

  2. I was lucky. I only went to 9 different schools. The last came after my father retired back to Tennessee. I had a hard enough time with 10 (I was at K-Town twice). I feel for anyone having endured more.

  3. 1. Agree. Jungle fatigues with jungle boots > than all other combos.

    2. I was an education brat not a miltary brat. 4 different schools in 4 different cities. The longest I went to 1 school was college. Managed all 4.5 years there.

    One of the reasons when I married later in life and started a family I made the career choice to settle here in Central Virginia. My son graduates from high school this year and has been in the same system K-12.

  4. I still think jungle fatigues were the best uniform the military ever fielded. At least the Marines used them as a model for their current battle uniform. They got it right.

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