Go Wolfhounds!

Ok, just to be clear, this is Roamy. I was reading Facebook entries and thought XBradTC had put up this one, only to realize that it was the same avatar, but it was LTC Dan Wilson, Commander of Task Force No Fear, of the 27th Infantry Regiment Wolfhounds.

Dear Wolfhounds and Wolfhound Families,

Today, February 1st, marks the official 111th anniversary of the activation of the 27th Infantry Regiment. In all those years, the Wolfhounds have earned a reputation for unparalleled excellence in everything we do, balancing utter ferocity for our enemies with compassion for those less fortunate. This year has been no different, and in honor of this day I thought it appropriate to share with you what your Wolfhounds have been up to. Below are some highlights:

-We have fundamentally changed the environment in northern Kunar province. In what was arguably the most complex and kinetic area of operations in Afghanistan, your Wolfhounds have brought hope to this area for the first time in over 30 years by combining our strength as Soldiers with respect for the Afghan people. The Afghans tell us they have never seen an American unit like the Wolfhounds, and they simply do not want us to leave. There is genuine affection and friendship where before there was only mistrust and hatred. We have fought when necessary, but more importantly we have built bridges of peace between cultures, which is something that will last much longer than any tactical victory.

-We have continued the tradition, began by Wolfhounds in Korea sixty years ago, of passing helmets around foxholes (in some cases while under fire) to raise money for the children of the Holy Family Home. Despite not having ready access to cash or cash machines, we have raised over $3,000 for our Orphan Legacy Fund, and we will pass the helmets around again tonight as part of our birthday celebration to add to that sum. Additionally, we aggressively publicized the Combined Federal Campaign number for Peace Bridge during the CFC campaign last summer, and we hope that will raise another significant amount of money to be used for our kids in Osaka.

-Wolfhounds and Wolfhound Families…raised over $7,000 for the Holy Family Home by manning a donation booth out in front of the Schofield Barracks Post Exchange on just about every weekend in November and December. Despite having more than 90% of the battalion deployed, our intrepid volunteers not only did well, they broke the record from last year!

-C Company, working with a charity called Waves 4 Water, has begun a program to bring clean drinking water to the people of Afghanistan. Their first delivery of 100 filters was an overwhelming success, drew national attention in the press, and led to a donation of $25,000 from the CEO of HBO, which will be used to expand the program and purchase another 500 filters. We estimate that will provide clean water to more than 75,000 people for several years, and go a long way in eliminating deadly waterborne illnesses that wreak havoc with children and the elderly here every year.

As you can see, your Wolfhounds continue to live up to what I call the Wolfhound Standard. It has been tough deployment, with tragic losses and many wounded in action, but the amazing men and women of this task force have never wavered in their devotion to the mission at hand, and that unique Wolfhound spirit has never faltered. I am simply humbled to stand in the ranks of these heroic Americans, who represent everything that is good and decent in this world. We will start preparing for redeployment soon, and we look forward to being back home soon with our Wolfhound family in Hawaii.

No Fear On Earth!

LTC Dan Wilson
No Fear 6
Commander, Task Force No Fear
2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment (The Wolfhounds)

God bless you and keep you safe.

7 thoughts on “Go Wolfhounds!”

  1. Roamy, LTC Dan Wilson, Well done, to both of you *Thank you,* for the history. To all of the *Wolfhounds*, active and retired, *Thank You,* for your service to this *Great Nation.*

    1. Son, its to bad the powers to be seperated the two battalions of WHs and put them in seperate Brigades. In time passed the two battalions were the 2nd Brigade, and the Brigade was the “WOLFHOUND” brigade, we WHs would always compete against each other but would never denegrate the other in a public forum.
      You should do the same.
      WOLFHOUND 1963-1967

    2. Back in my day, the 2nd Bn wasn’t even in the division. They were, IIRC, in the 7th ID(L). The 1st Bn was the only Wolfhound battalion in the 25th ID(L). The other battalions in the brigade then were 1-35IN (Cacti), whom we always had a friendly rivalry with, and 4-87IN (Catamounts) which were a COHORT battalion, and whom both we and the Cacti held in contempt.

      I’ll tease any non-1st Bn guy. But I’ll also side with him against ANY outsider.

      Best. Regiment. Ever.

  2. Wolfhounds are Blood Brothers, Baptised in Blood, shed in all the War’s. The Fire Brigade was broken up to give other units a chance to fight and win during the Korean War. We are The Infantry, Follow me, or get the hell out of the way!

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