Ejection seat problems ground 15 F-35 jets

Fifteen of the 23 F-35 jets delivered to the Pentagon by Lockheed Martin have been grounded because ejection seat parachutes were improperly installed.

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Glad THAT was discovered before someone had to find out the hard way. Ouch!

Yet one more thing about this program that does not give me warm fuzzies.

4 thoughts on “Ejection seat problems ground 15 F-35 jets”

  1. Delivered to the Pentagon??? WTF, there is no airstrip there. Did they truck ’em in and drop them on the lawn? What a stupid article…

  2. Details, details, details, why worry about a complete ejection seat? For the Military model, put a hole in the seat a little more than an inch in diameter. Then, below the seat you have a ramrod coming up through that very same hole. It would clear the seat, by 2 inches. This is more commonly known as “The Fickle Finger of Fate” principle.

    The Congressional Version would work on the same principle, only the dimensions would be different. The diameter of the ramrod would be more than 4 inches and 1 foot clearance from the top of the seat. They wouldn’t feel anything less.

    Tell me, do you think that configuration would work?

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