War News Updates: So Much For A 313 Ship Navy

UPDATED: Budget Cuts 8 JHSVs; Two LCS; Two LSDs Retire Early; 1 Virginia Sub Slips Past FYDP; Analyst Says Retirements AND Cuts Mean Service Won’t ‘Ever’ Hit 313 Goal

WASHINGTON: The Navy plans to cut a total of 16 ships from its five-year budget, reducing the number of ships funded in fiscal 2013 by three, from 13 down to 10.

Most of these ships are expected to be the Joint High Speed Vessel, built for both the Navy and the Army, and other support ships. Several well informed analysts told me they do not expect the Navy to cut warships or submarines if it can possibly avoid that.

via War News Updates: So Much For A 313 Ship Navy.

Navy shipbuilding is a complete mess, and most of the problems are the Navy’s fault, not this administration’s.

I notice the big cut is in the Joint High Speed Vessel program. The JHSV is a vessel designed to provide transport to Army and Marine equipment over intratheater ranges.  Oddly, it’s been a reasonably successful program to date.

The “Joint” part of the name came because both the Army and the Navy were going to buy them. A while back, the Navy balked and said they would buy them, and the Army didn’t need to. Just like the C-27 program, just as soon as they got control of an Army program, they brought out the long knives.