Occupy D.C.’s Tent of Dreams

The big news today in the DC Metro area was not from Capitol Hill or the White House. Rather it came from McPherson Square.  After months and months, the Park Service Police ordered the protest movement out…. well sort of.


I never realized that “camping” was enshrined in the First Amendment.  Go figure.

So the Occupy DC protesters decided to up the ante:

Around mid-day this “Tent of Dreams” went up around the statue of General McPherson.

Protesters put up the tent while climbing and crawling over the statue. In the background were remarks like, “Let us sleep, so we can dream!”

So after a morning of anticipation, the protesters remain… along with the squalor.

But there is perhaps an interesting object lesson with the placement of that “big tent of dreams”

No matter which political side is protesting, they are only able to voice their opinions because our Armed Forces have done a good job protecting this country.  Our freedoms exist because men and women in uniform are willing to offer their backs, their blood, their sweet, and if necessary their lives, when called upon.  Most Americans can sleep safely tonight and, among other things, dream, because a small number (less than 1%) are willing to sacrifice to support those freedoms.

So there’s General McPherson – holding up that “Tent of Dreams.”

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