Bridge collapses in Kentucky after being rammed by hulking freighter carrying space launch equipment | Mail Online

Incredible images emerged of a hulking freighter wearing mangled pieces of a steel bridge on its bow after a collision in southwestern Kentucky Thursday night.

In the pictures, the 312-foot Delta Mariner idles, still partially in the bridge’s path, and clearly looks much too large to fit beneath the aging Eggner Ferry Bridge, which crosses the Kentucky Lake Reservoir.

The cargo vessel was carrying space rocket parts for the United Launch Alliance, intended for a vehicle that was scheduled to be shot into orbit from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

via Bridge collapses in Kentucky after being rammed by hulking freighter carrying space launch equipment | Mail Online.

Wow. Some great pics at the link.

(And as far as I know, the Captain didn’t abandon ship)

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  1. I live about an hour away. From a few of the shots from the local news (WPSD) that I have seen, it looks like the ship went under the wrong span. The spans further to the east look to be higher.
    The Captain may not have abandoned ship, but I bet he needed to clean that load out of his drawers.

  2. The center span of the bridge doesn’t look much higher, and it appears it would have crashed the bridge there as well. I looks like the lake is a bit high.

  3. I pulled the following from Wikipedia:
    “The mainspan of the bridge was reported to have partially collapsed after being struck by the cargo vessel MV Delta Mariner on January 26, 2012. There were no reported injuries, and no vehicles were reported to be on the bridge at the time.[3][4]
    The U.S. Coast Guard reported on January 27 that the Delta Mariner hit the bridge when it tried to pass through what is known as the recreational channel, which has a lower clearance, instead of the shipping channel, which the vessel normally used.[5]
    Reports indicate that some of the bridge’s navigational lighting was inoperative at the time of the incident. Paducah television station WPSD-TV reported earlier in the week that the bridge was to be reduced to one lane on January 27 for a Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) crew to repair the lights. KYTC spokesman Keith Todd stated that the lights facing the MV Delta Mariner were operational, and that the Coast Guard had made the lighting situation known to vessels operating on the waterway.[6]”

    The bridge was slated to be replaced in a few years. It might happen sooner now.

  4. Damn, the comments are even better than the pictures. Whoopsie indeed. Yah, know. Navigating a river isn’t rocket science. Well, maybe it is.

  5. From the forward lookout, just prior to the crunching of metal:

    “Yeah, Captain, you got this. Easy!”

    1. There are a few questions the River Pilot is going to have to answer when he gets to the USCG’s Green Table. There are depth marks on the piers of a bridge on the main channel. The Pilot is supposed to be cognizant of the level of the river vs the height of the ship above waterline. He/she obviously was not in this case. Neither the insurance company, nor the Coasties are going to be very happy with the Pilot, and he/she may lose their license as a result.

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