Not a bad day for planespotting today. First up, we saw on of the multiplicity of special mission variants of the C-12 Huron. As far away as it as it was, I couldn’t tell if it was an RC-12, EC-12 or MC-12. But it was definitely one of those, and not a vanilla C-12.

The C-12 is the military name for the popular Beechcraft King Air.

The other spotting was a pair of T-45 Goshawks. The US Navy’s advanced training jet, the T-45 was developed from the popular BAE Hawk trainer. Normally, the Navy insists on any carrier capable aircraft being designed from the spars up for that purpose. The Goshawk was an exception to that rule. And from what I’ve heard over the years, bolting on carrier capable landing gear wasn’t very easy. 

This is the second pair of Goshawks I’ve seen departing from Palm Springs International this week. Fledgling aviators in the Navy’s training command have to practice many skills, one of which is cross country navigation. If you’re going to fly a few hundred miles practicing your navigation, and remain overnight, you might as well choose a nice resort city to spend the night in.