War News Updates: 800 Years Of Building British Warships About To End

The historic naval dockyard in Portsmouth could be closed, bringing to an end 800 years of shipbuilding.

Defence giant BAE Systems is considering mothballing the base which launched ships that allowed Britain to rule the waves for centuries.

via War News Updates: 800 Years Of Building British Warships About To End.

We posted the other day a piece that was critical of the president’s failure to support Britain over Argentina with regard to the Falkland Islands. We stand by that position.

On the other had, Britain hasn’t done themselves any favors by gutting their services.

For nearly a millennium, to say “Portsmouth” was to say “naval power.”

To see Britain fall so hard, so fast is painful to watch.

4 thoughts on “War News Updates: 800 Years Of Building British Warships About To End”

  1. It’s the way BAE operates – a company given billions by the British taxpayer to become a multi-national giant and then f*ck over the people (ie. us british taxpayers) in terms of jobs, payments for the investors and higher-ups etc, and sometimes criminally shoddy provision of the over-priced equipment we are forced to buy from it to ‘keep british jobs’ and ‘preserve national industrial assets’ etc etc … i sound a little bitter, for sure! They basically want the uk government to be giving them guaranteed work for the next 10-20 years and this is a not-so-suble threat – perhaps that is the lesson you US types need to learn, keep at least 2 large defence companies going!
    Re: the Falklands, thanks for your websites position, but tbh the US government position isn’t new – the State department in 1982 was very pro-Argentina for instance, and Reagan and his administration didn’t really have a policy (clue) on the islands until it all kicked off. The difference was that once the war became hot, the US DoD, Reagan etc. all became very supportive (as did the French it must be said) and i think this is the difference to the what we (will hopefully never) see from the Obama administration.

  2. It hurts to see the Brits in this position. And to know that we are but another Obama term away from the same…

  3. I love Portsmouth — VIctory is home ported there! Right next to the Victory is the longest rope walk in the world — and has been there for centuries! Not to worry, when Scotland leaves the UK, they can buy up the British fleet and stick it in all the lochs/fjords and dominate the North Atlantic/Irish/North/Baltic Seas. Everyone else is on their own.

    Nelson rules!

  4. How sad to lose Pompey. If the UK lets BAE do that, then they don’t deserve to survive as a country.

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