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I started writing this morning about the time my roommate and I got stuck in our barracks room because the lock broke. It was funny as hell. But I can’t seem to write anything funny about it.  It wasn’t too bad until we ran out of coffee.

I’m reading every day about the way Iraq is sliding into chaos and squandering the victory American warriors secured. It’s just so depressing that I can’t really bring myself to write about it. The failure is the Iraqi’s, but the the policy of Obama bears a good deal of blame.

Pretty much the same attitude toward Afghanistan. For every victory our forces earn with blood, sweat and tears, our determination to flee according to a fixed timetable undermines any bit of progress. That the government of Afghanistan is unworthy of those efforts is something of a given. You know, we installed that government, why not replace it and keep replacing governments until we get one that we like? If our politicians can stay bought, why can’t theirs?

Lunch today is the Carl’s Jr. Western Bacon Double Cheeseburger. Is there a finer food on the planet?

I also started writing this morning about life under canvas. Back in the stone age, before the CHU, troops often lived in the GP Medium tent. When it was just a tent, it was pretty sparse. But if you had flooring, a liner, and stoves, it could be a pretty comfy home. Two stoves and dozen cots might be snug, but it beat the heck out of sleeping on the ground.

There’s not a snowflake’s chance in heck I’m going to watch the State of the Union address tonight. Justified and Southland, on the other hand, will definitely be watched.

Changing weather here has played heck with my sinuses, leading to some horrific headaches. Ugh.  And in my dotage, I’ve gotten much whinier about minor discomforts.

I’m not terribly enthused with any of the remaining Republican candidates for President.  Having said that, with the obvious exception of Ron Paul (Kook-TX), I’ll be pretty happy to vote for them in the general election. I just haven’t decided who to vote for in the primary.  ABO.

When I was  a young Wolfhound, I seem to recall we had a Command Sergeant Major who had earned the Medal of Honor in Vietnam. I can’t for the life of me remember his name. I looked through wiki at Army MoH recipients from Vietnam, and saw a couple of possible names, but none of them really rang a bell.  If I recall correctly, this CSM replaced the one who died from a heart attack at the end of a battalion payday run.

My first day at my unit in Germany, the battalion HHC First Sergeant died of a heart attack during a payday run.  I never liked payday runs.

My blogroll is pretty much a mess. And I’ve been too lazy to really get around to updating it. Is there anyone there that needs to be gone? Are there blogs I really need to add to it?

A guy makes his first parachute jump. The static line fails. He pulls the ripcord, but nothing happens. He pulls the ripcord for the reserve. Nothing! He looks down, and to his astonishment, sees a guy coming UP! He yells to the fellow, “Do you know how to open a malfunctioning parachute?” The guy replies, “No. Do you know how to light a Coleman stove?”

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  1. On your piece about Iraq, before Obama came into office, the SOFA agreements were signed. Therefore, in a sense, he was bound to start the process of leaving. Simply, there were no choices.

    I knew people who spent a long time living in Baghdad. As he described it, after Persian Gulf I, no matter when we left, the terms or results would be the same, chaos. There are no other choices. It is much like a genetic issue. He said, Afghanistan would be much the same way, chaos.

    Everyone is concerned about Iran and their nuclear reactors, the biggest threat to them is not Israel.

  2. Carl’s Jr. is called Hardee’s here in Wisconsin. They make a strornrey good bacon cheeseburger, but the triple bacon cheese butterburger at Culver’s is better.

    1. Owned by the same people, but the menu isn’t exactly the same. We don’t have a Western Bacon Double Cheeseburger here. We have Hardees just up the street and we eat there fairly often. I get #4 when I get a burger. Don’t ask what it is as I couldn’t tell you. I’m a “food is fuel” type of guy. If it ain’t fish, it’s probably pretty forgettable for me. You shouldn’t expect more out of a guy that would like Ham and Mothers or Ham and Eggs MCIs.

      How did you break the lock on your barracks door?

      We got 3 scouters, and 20 boy scouts into a GP medium at one Camporee. We used a couple of 23KBTU Kerosene heaters to heat the thing and did pretty well.

    2. I wanted to just kick to door open, but it swung inward. And it was a pretty sturdy door.

      We waited and waited for the public works guy to show up, thinking he had some tools or special knowledge or something.

      Nope. He took a sledgehammer and just pounded the lock. This was on a Friday, so Sean and I had to take turns staying in the room until Monday afternoon when the OTHER public works guy showed up to replace the door.

  3. xbradtc …. great post …. you are summing up exactly how I feel some days (like today). But in the end …. the funny thing is …. everything will be all-right 🙂

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