Rear Detatchment

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Actually, the one time I was stuck on a rear detachment, it was horrible. Much worse than being downrange. An E-5 as Rear D First Sergeant, getting taskings from battalion as if we were at full strength ( I was tasked to provide 10 people daily for police call/CSM detail- we had 14 people on Rear D, and most of them were unavailable for one reason or another).  I pulled CQ every other night, and still had to work every day. I had two SSGs and one SFC with the company, but the SFC was pending courtmartial, and the SSGs were clearing post.

I was stressed, and unhappy. So there’s more than a grain of truth here.

The main body? They were at Gitmo running a refuge camp for Cuban boat people. And having a grand old time. Swimming, sunbathing, and loads of dirt cheap booze.


4 thoughts on “Rear Detatchment”

  1. All that was missing to complete your misery was dusky maidens. Not too many of those at Gitmo.

    The QMC over me on Sylvania had been stationed there and said women were at a premium, IFYKWIMAITYD.

  2. heh

    I had to catch a MAC flight home once from Rosey Roads, and the connection was in Gitmo. I called my (now ex-)wife and told her “hi honey, I just wanted to call and let you know I hopped a plane to Cuba!”

    I hated that bitch.

    1. Yeah, she pretty much did. She was quite fond of quite a few other people though, bonus points if they were (a) blueshirts and (b) married to someone that she knew.

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