6 thoughts on “War News Updates: No U.S. Support Of British Claims To The Falklands”

  1. It is indeed a Special Relationship. Problem is, it’s the sort of special that licks the windows on the short bus.

  2. Contrast that with Reagan who offered them the use of a carrier despite conflicting treaties saying we should stay neutral.

    Imagine the conversation “hey they asked if they could borrow one”

  3. The problem is, this administration thinks “negotiations” are the panacea to the world’s problems. Not realizing that to “negotiate” over the islands is to concede that the Argentinians have some small unsettled claim to the islands. And the British (rightly) point out that they settled the matter in 1982. There is nothing for the British to gain by negotiating. So whereas Teh Won and his crew think “why can’t they just talk this out”, they fail to realize there’s nothing left to say. Perhaps the British should counter offer direct “negotiations” for the sovereignty of the United States, since… after all, there’s no harm in “negotiating”.

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