Speaking of rations…

I was just over at War News Updates, and saw that not every “improved menu” is all that popular.

Britain issues a ration that is packaged in a manner similar to the MRE (that is, wet packed food in foil/mylar pouches).

Partly for cultural concerns, and partly to field “healthier” rations, the Brits changed up the menus in 2009.


The problem is, according to the Daily Mail, troops don’t like the new rations.

‘On average my troop gives away half of every ration pack. Surely in this day and age soldiers should not need to supplement rations out of their own pocket? We are marching on half-empty stomachs and losing weight which in turn affects our operational effectiveness.’

The previous ration packs had sustained troops for more than 40 years with traditional options such as corned beef hash, treacle pudding and hard-to-swallow ‘biscuits brown’.

The new packs contain spicier, more exotic meals such as paella, Thai green curry, chicken arrabiata and sweet and sour chicken.


By the way, here’s the current MRE menu list.  I’ve had about half of them, and the “healthy” ones suck pretty bad.

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  1. So, if “on average my troop gives away half” of their rations, it sounds like someone is eating them after all….
    Nice walk down memory lane with that MRE link. I forgot how truly bad some of those early ones were. Of course, plenty of the newer ones suck, too; jjust differently.

  2. I avoided MREs at all costs, but if I had to Spaghetti with Meat Sauce was acceptable. Who will ever forget those field exercise favorites; “the Five Fingers of Death” aka Frankfurters or the “Ham Slices packed in Vaseline Sauce”?

  3. The Franks tasted like Vienna Sausage. Not bad if you like those, but otherwise not so great. beans and franks had a note on them not to eat and fly, but I never figured out what the air crew was supposed to eat if that’s all they had. There was no such note on the MCIs for beans and franks.

    I didn’t mind the early MREs for the most part. The pork or beef patty weren’t great as they were freeze dried and getting them to reconstitute in a reasonable time, into something reasonable to eat was problematic. I could handle the rest without complaint, but then I was the type that likes Ham and Lima beans and Ham and Eggs when the MCIs were the greatest thing since cookies.

    Crazy, you sound like most aviators I’ve known. But then you’ve got to have something to whine about I suppose. 🙂

  4. I was 92-97, but I think I only ever got the XII series. 02 and 09 were my favorites (you could never get the spaghetti), 04 and 08 were the worst. Because I’m allergic to seafood (makes me vomit, not swell up and die), I always had to trade out the Tuna with Noodles, but that one was always easy to pass off. Having a taste for Corned Beef Hash made it pretty easy to get rid of anything (except the ham slice and omlet).

  5. How can you claim to be a REAL infantryman if you haven’t experienced the joy of Ham’n’mothers?

    It of course reveals how ancient I am, but I still have a P-39 on my dog tags.

    1. Oh, I’ve had them (in fact, given to me by a neighbor who was a Marine). I’ve just never been issued them.

      And I hope that’s a typo.

      Every REAL grunt knows the can opener was a P-38.

  6. Yet again I am reminded of how glad I am that I went Navy.

    Way I see it, if I can’t bring my nice comfy rack, my air conditioning, and my satellite television with me, then brother, that’s someone else’s war.

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