The Naval War in the Falklands- Old School Style

We’ve written extensively about the 1982 war in the Falklands between Argentina and Great Britain.

But that was hardly the first time war had visited those waters. In a repost of one of his excellent FullBore Friday series, CDR Salamander tells the tale of the Battle of the Falklands that took place in 1914.

Time for Part 2 … of 3 of the story of Admiral Graf Maximilian von Spee’ glorious and beautiful, but doomed fleet. It is time for a classic story of revenge at sea: The Battle of the Falkland Islands, 8 December 1914. I like to pay a lot of attention to HMS Canopus. If you review Part 1, you will see how you could dismiss this old ship full of Reservists; but it that what a leader does? No, a leader finds a way to make every bit of kit count.

Go read the whole thing. There was a time when the Royal Navy wasn’t just better than any other navy, it was better than ALL other navies. And that’s a lesson our lawmakers might want to remember.

3 thoughts on “The Naval War in the Falklands- Old School Style”

  1. The worst aspect of the naval draw down is that the next war we will win or lose with what we start with. Given the state of technology, we are probably deeply in trouble already. There will be no time to spool up as we did from ’39-’41.

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