Space pics of the day

Seeing an aurora in person is on my bucket list. Maybe next year, when the solar activity should be higher, and there’s a better chance of seeing something like this.

Another pic from the same time and place.

3 thoughts on “Space pics of the day”

  1. I know exactly what you mean. In my younger years I stayed in the Murmansk region of Russia for one month (in the middle of winter). It was frigging cold, but the Northern Lights were just awesome to see.

  2. I was driving north along West Beach Road on Whidbey Island one night and there was a pretty incredible aurora show going on. Pretty rare that far south. I stopped at the pullout, and sat and watched for hours. It was mesmerizing.

  3. We get the Aurora here in WI in the winter. I am told it is quite impressive out on Lake Superior in January, from the ore boats, before the Army COE shuts down the locks on Jan 20th, end ing the shipping season on Lake Superior.

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