Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment

I’m not your typical royal watcher, but I did read with interest that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton will soon be named honorary colonel of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. Very appropriate, given that she is the future Princess of Wales.

The PWRR Tigers are part of the Queen’s division and, including its earlier forms (Queen’s Royal Regiment, Royal Hampshire Regiment, Queen’s Own Buffs, and others), have fought in nearly every war since the Battle of Tangier in 1662. At the time of publishing this, they were the most decorated British Infantry Battalion for Iraq. Their recent awards include one Victoria Cross, 3 Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, 2 Distinguished Service Order, 16 Military Cross, one George Medal, one Member of the British Empire, and a couple of American awards (Legion of Merit and Meritorious Service Medal).

What really surprised me in researching this is that the current honorary colonel of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment is Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. Princess Diana shared the honor with Queen Margrethe but stepped down after her divorce from Prince Charles. This symbol of of the alliance between the United Kingdom and Denmark goes back to 1906, when Danish King Frederick VIII was named Colonel-in-Chief of The Buffs, Royal East Kent Regiment. As with most European royalty, there were family ties – King Frederick’s sister Alexandra was married to the British King Edward VII.

Also announced was the royals’ involvement in the Forces in Mind Trust, a charity for soldiers returning home and readjusting to civilian life. Prince William is honorary colonel of the Irish Guards, seen here with the Duchess.

5 thoughts on “Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment”

  1. My little bit for this.

    The reason why Prince William wore Army rather than RAF uniform for the wedding was the Irish Guards were deploying to A’stan so Wills wore the Colonel of the Regiment uniform to honor them. (That from my wife who went to an all night Wedding Party wearing tiaras!)

    Side note: The Duchess also is supporting another not for profit….Scouting UK. As a BSA Scout Leader I say good on her!

    1. I hope Scouting UK is more like BSA and less like the GSA. Buck, you’ll no doubt be pleased to know my son is >< this close to Life rank, and three of his cousins made Eagle. (Peer pressure? You betcha.)

      My daughter is in Girl Scouts for the time being, mainly because the American Heritage Girls here are sadly lacking in organizational skills and because a new GS troop leader that believes in the old-fashioned Scouting values stepped up to the task.

  2. Yes, its more like BSA and Venturing.

    Proud dad of an Eagle Scout here.

    Oh, and the Chief Scout of the UK? Bear Grylls.

    Got an autographed photo of him for my son for his Eagle COH. We also visited the RBP House in London in 2009 and got British World Scouting emblems…which you can waer on BSA unifrom if you visit the UK!

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