4 thoughts on “Roll Tide!”

    1. Actually, no. But Mom went to Alabama (Dad went to Auburn) and I’ve got lots of family that wen there.

      And since WSU’s Coug’s aren’t up for the Championship, I have to root for someone…

  1. While at work I read a column about LSU’s shellacking and decided I call VX and see if he’s recovered from the blow. I can tell you he took it hard. The current LSU head coach may lose his job over the loss as he was on the ragged edge of it two years ago. It really was a sorry, nasty way to end a very good season, and from the way VX described it, could have been prevented, or at least avoided the kind loss the Tide handed him.

    92 yards of offense tells me LSU was hardly there. It would have looked better to forfeit.

    I don’t keep up with College Football myself. Tennessee Tech is usually the doormat of the OVC, playing against teams where most of the players couldn’t even get into Tech. I don’t even have an antenna or cable hooked to my TV. The grandkids watch DVDs, but I hardly ever watch anymore.

    1. I watched 3 or 4 games this year, all Alabama, including their previous loss to LSU.

      As for VX, he’s just looking for a good excuse to drown his sorrows in Barbancourt.

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