War News Updates: The Return Of Donald Rumsfeld

It was former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld goals of reforming the US military that got me blogging on military affairs. I felt that this was a discussion that was needed, and I gave kudos to Rumsfeld for initiating them. But …. of course …. a few months later 9/11 happened. And now …. we are back to what the discussion was ten years ago. Hmmmm ….. it’s strange how history always has a habit of repeating itself.

via War News Updates: The Return Of Donald Rumsfeld.

It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who recognizes the similarity between Obama’s new military strategy, and the one Rumsfeld was widely panned by Democrats for pursuing.

2 thoughts on “War News Updates: The Return Of Donald Rumsfeld”

  1. If Rumsfeld and the Dems agree, then it’s certainly a bad idea. I will say, that I thought it was a bad idea no matter what yahoo came up with it. I didn’t understand Rummy wanting to savage the military, but I do understand the Dems wanting to do it as that’s the way they have been since St. FDR passed from the scene.

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